Map making, made easy

“WorldMap allows scholars to integrate information from diverse sources by making it possible to overlay data in users’ own computers with materials on the Web. The system also lets users incorporate paper maps, perform online digitizing, and link locations to other media.

The system allows for collaborations that can range from small groups in which all participants have editorial rights to interactive publications for large audiences. The system is also designed to support the research process, by allowing information to initially be made private, before being opened to larger groups for refinement, and finally to be published or released to the public.” (Harvard Science)

Check out WorldMap (and the video below for a crash course).

CollabMap crowdsourcing software for evacuation plans

“CollabMap will be of interest to any organization that wants to develop an evacuation plan,” said Dr Ramchurn. “We don’t just use the information to build a map; we build a computer simulation that shows how people move around an area. Once people log in and draw routes, we aggregate the data to produce a high fidelity map over which we can simulate the movement of thousands of individuals across roads and open spaces, using parallel programming techniques.” (University of Southampton)