Software Translates Your Voice into Another Language

Software Translates Your Voice into Another Language - Technology Review“The system needs around an hour of training to develop a model able to read out any text in a person’s own voice. That model is converted into one able to read out text in another language by comparing it with a stock text-to-speech model for the target language. Individual sounds used by the first model to build up words using a person’s voice in his or her own language are carefully tweaked to give the new text-to-speech model a full ability to sound out phrases in the second language.” (Tom Simonite, Technology Review)

Georgia Tech study shows certain words, phrases predict if messages sent up/down the org chart

“Gilbert, assistant professor in the School of Interactive Computing, focused his attention on the “Enron corpus,” a body of 500,000 emails among about 150 former Enron employees, making it the largest email dataset available for public study. Even after taking a “conservative, careful” approach—applying numerous filters and eliminating thousands of emails that would have muddied his conclusions—he still was able to identify lists of words that reliably predicted whether emails traveled up or down the ladder.” (Michael Terrazas, Georgia Tech)