Robotic Cameras Will Snap Pictures at the Olympics

Robotic Cameras Will Snap Pictures at the Olympics - New York Times

Photo: Adam Bishop, Wikimedia Commons

“Cameras with swiveling, nimble robotic heads will be deployed by photographers who work for Getty Images, the official agency of the International Olympics Committee. The robotic heads will be perched on scaffolding above several of the sporting sites. The photographers themselves will be stationed below with what one Getty photographer described as a ‘joystick’ to control the movement of the camera head — and click.” (Somini Sengupta,

The Way We Read Now

The Way We Read Now -

Image: Jeffrey Fisher

“I still prefer to consume sentences the old-fashioned and nongreen way, on the pulped carcasses of trees that have had their throats slit. I can imagine my tweener kids, in a few years, beginning to picket me for my murderous habits: ‘No (tree) blood for (narrative) oil.’

It’s time to start thinking, however, about the best literary uses for these devices. Are some reading materials better suited to one platform than another? Does Philip Larkin feel at home on an iPad, and Lorrie Moore on a Kindle? Can I make a Kay Ryan poem my ringtone? Will any gizmo make “The Fountainhead” palatable?” (Dwight Garner,