Would a Wikipedia blackout be such a bad thing?

Would a Wikipedia blackout be such a bad thing? - ZDNet

Image: ZDNet

“The discussion prompted by Wales’ straw poll has prompted interesting debate. A Wikipedia blackout could be used to promote knowledge of the proposed legislation, and allow internet users in other countries to become more aware of how the bill would eventually affect them.  Because it will. SOPA is not a U.S website central issue — it is a global concern.” (Charlie Osborne, ZDNet)

Also, check out Wales’ original post to the Wikipedia community and the extensive discussion that followed.

The Internet’s Unholy Marriage to Capitalism

“If the Internet was expected to provide more competitive markets and accountable businesses, open government, an end to corruption, and decreasing inequality—or, to put it baldly, increased human happiness—it has been a disappointment. To put it another way, if the Internet actually improved the world over the past twenty years as much as its champions once predicted, we dread to think where the world would be if it had never existed.” (Foster and McChesney, Monthly Review)