Cracking Open the Scientific Process

Cracking Open the Scientific Process - New York Times

Photo: Timothy Fadek for The New York Times

“Dr. Nielsen and other advocates for “open science” say science can accomplish much more, much faster, in an environment of friction-free collaboration over the Internet. And despite a host of obstacles, including the skepticism of many established scientists, their ideas are gaining traction.” (Thomas Lin,

And check out ResearchGate.

The Rise of the New Groupthink

The Rise of the New Groupthink - New York Times

Image: Andy Rementer

“Culturally, we’re often so dazzled by charisma that we overlook the quiet part of the creative process. Consider Apple. In the wake of Steve Jobs’s death, we’ve seen a profusion of myths about the company’s success. Most focus on Mr. Jobs’s supernatural magnetism and tend to ignore the other crucial figure in Apple’s creation: a kindly, introverted engineering wizard, Steve Wozniak, who toiled alone on a beloved invention, the personal computer.” (Susan Cain,