About Me

Randall LivingstoneRandall M. Livingstone, Ph.D. rmlivingstone [at] gmail [dot] com

I am an assistant professor in the School of Communication at Endicott College. I completed the doctoral program in Communication and Society at the University of Oregon in 2012, specializing in digital/new media and mass communication theory. My research interests include communication technology, social media and online communities, networks, media studies, the political economy of communication, and persuasive communication. My dissertation, “Network of Knowledge: Wikipedia as a Sociotechnical System of Intelligence,” explores the work of Wikipedia editors, administrators, and programmers, examining the collective intelligence created by their design and use of bots and automated editing tools.

My teaching interests include digital/new media, communication technology, media studies, media literacy, and advertising.

Check out my dissertation: Network of Knowledge: Wikipedia as a Sociotechnical System of Intelligence

Selected Publications and Presentations (full CV)

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