About This Blog

This site is devoted to collecting and organizing news, features, commentaries, tools, sites, and media of all kinds that explore the social, cultural, and theoretical intersections of communication and technology. To introduce each post, I distill a particularly interesting or telling quote from the text itself. Click on the graphic to link to the full original source.                                                                 Chris Jordan Cell Phones (2007)

In addition to recent items, I strive to post important historical research, theory, and commentary that is relevant to our ongoing understanding of communication and technology.  Please use this site as an educational tool (as you see fit).

Feel free to comment on stories as you like, and please send along any noteworthy items you think should be posted.

Finally, I hope this site also serves as a resource for those interested in Wikipedia. My goal is to collect Web sources, news stories, tools, demos, and a comprehensive bibliography of research literature on this dynamic and evolving repository of knowledge. Again, suggestions and links are welcomed and appreciated.

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